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Welcome to the Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center A PLACE for FAITH, HOPE & HEALING

Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center is the only advanced oncology clinic in Tijuana, Mexico, with a highly qualified team of women health practitioners dedicated to the care of women. Our certified oncologists and other specialists combine integrative, alternative, and holistic treatments with social support to help patients slow or reverse the spread of cancer.  

Oasis of Hope was founded in 1963. Since then, it has become a beacon of hope for tens of thousands of patients coming to us from 60 countries.

Our Mission

Oasis of Hope is Caring for the whole person–body, mind, and spirit; Sharing the healing power of faith, hope, and love; and Advancing medical science to put an end to cancer one person at a time.

Our Vision  Breast Cancer Treatment For Women, By Women

Oasis of Hope embraces the unique qualities and needs of women dealing with breast cancer. Our Tijuana-based team will provide effective breast cancer treatments while empowering you with the knowledge and support to help you feel like yourself and strengthen your cancer-fighting attitude.

Our therapies work synergistically to slow or reverse the growth and spread of cancer. We combine personalized breast treatment options with emotional and spiritual support for your total health – body, mind, and spirit.

Top Reasons  To Choose Our Center for Your Treatment

50+ Years of Experience

Oasis of Hope was founded in Tijuana, Mexico, in 1963. Over the past five decades, Oasis of Hope has provided cancer care for more than 100,000 patients. Cancer patients have visited us from over 60 countries to receive care from our renowned team of certified doctors and surgeons.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

After you're diagnosed with breast cancer, the last thing you want to do is travel back and forth between clinics to get the breast imaging, lab work, or chemotherapy you need. Oasis of Hope is fully equipped with all of its own breast imaging rooms, laboratories, and treatment rooms so you can get the care you need all under one roof.

Alternative Treatment Options

Our certified oncologists will design a personalized strategy that has been proven to work best for your specific type and histological stage of cancer. Patients are offered traditional and alternative therapies based on their medical records, past treatments, and personal preferences. This also means access to clinical trials for new treatments. 

Beautiful and Supportive Campus

Following your diagnosis, you need a positive, supportive environment where you can rest and recover without feeling like you're in a clinic. Our cancer patients are invited to bring companions while they stay in comfortable rooms that feel more like hotel rooms. We also have a dining hall, chapel, and garden where patients can relax and make friends.

Heartfelt Patient Testimonials

Many cancer patients who came to Oasis of Hope with a poor prognosis and very little hope are now cancer survivors who love to share their stories with others. Our oncologists have helped many stage 4 breast cancer patients and triple-negative breast cancer patients achieve complete remission.

Beating Cancer Is Possible Crystal Davis Tells Her Story

Crystal Davis describes her incredible victory over breast cancer and how Oasis of Hope helped her get to where she is today. Visit our Oasis of Hope YouTube channel to see more patient stories, learn how to cook healthy recipes for fighting cancer, tour our beautiful hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, and more. 

Get Affordable, Comprehensive Care Contact Oasis of Hope
Breast Cancer Center

Breast cancer patient posing with daughter

If you've been diagnosed with breast cancer and are looking for an oncologist that offers effective, affordable, and personalized treatment options, contact Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center today.

Our certified cancer oncologists combine conventional therapies with alternative therapies and clinical trials to slow down breast tumor growth and help patients with advanced breast cancer achieve remission.

To become a patient, fill out our medical questionnairesend us a message, or call us:

(619) 690-8450

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Complete Our Medical Questionnaire

Our oncology team wants to know how we can help. Help us get to know you by filling out our medical questionnaire.

Featured Breast Cancer Treatments

Our Tijuana, Mexico center offers both conventional and alternative therapies to help your body heal. Some of our most popular treatments are:

Medical Detoxification

Our nutritionist takes into account your medical and personal history to develop a diet that cleanses you of toxins while boosting your immune system and replenishing key vitamins and minerals. 

Learn More About Medical Detoxification


Preconditioning treatments, such as ozone autohemotherapy (O3-AHT), pentoxifylline, and ultraviolet blood irradiation (UBI) can help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. 

Learn More About Preconditioning

Oxidative Therapies

Oxidative therapies can be an alternative to IV chemotherapy. Our Tijuana center offers amygdalin, high-dose intravenous vitamin C (HDIVC), and intravenous vitamin K3 (IVK3).

Learn More About Oxidative Therapies


Cancer cells don't respond well to high body temperatures, making our whole-body hyperthermia procedure effective against cancer cells. Our Dendritic Cell Vaccine specifically targets the tumor and activates cancer-killing T cells and NK cells.

Learn More About Immunotherapies

We Treat the Whole Person

At Oasis of Hope, our doctors and surgeons believe in treating the whole person. We use our proprietary Contreras Alternative Cancer Treatment (C-ACT) protocol to administer personalized and highly effective treatments designed to boost the sensitivity of the breast tumor cells to cytotoxic destruction while minimizing damage to healthy tissues.

We also focus on treating the whole person by providing the psychological and spiritual support that cancer patients need to feel their best throughout their treatments.

Our Complete Breast Cancer Treatments

At Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center in Tijuana, Mexico, patients can receive integrative breast cancer therapies and alternative breast cancer therapies. 

When selecting a treatment, our doctors and surgeons will offer researched-based options with clinical evidence of efficacy for treating your specific histological stage of breast cancer. Your treatment may consist of holistic, alternative, integrative and conventional therapies. Please get in touch with us, and we will prepare a personalized treatment plan and explain it for your consideration.

Our treatment options include:

  • Dendritic cancer vaccine
  • Hyperthermia
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Nutritional therapy
  • Oxygenation therapies
  • Cytotoxic therapy
  • Oxidative stress precondition
  • Ozone autohemotherapy
  • Sodium bicarbonate
  • Supplements
  • Vitamin C
  • Alternative cancer treatments
  • Cancer chemotherapies
  • Home cancer treatments
  • Cancer immunotherapies
  • Integrative cancer treatments
  • Natural cancer treatments
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Stage 4 cancer treatments
  • Targeted therapy for cancer
  • Hormonal therapy

Maintain Your Health With Our At-Home Cancer Therapies

Breast cancer survivor hugging her daughter

When you're not at our Baja California hospital, you'll be given a sophisticated at-home cancer therapy regimen to slow tumor growth in the breast and support immune response.

As part of your at-home breast cancer therapy, you may be given nutraceuticals such as soy isoflavones, coenzyme Q10, and resveratrol. Patients also receive guidance on diet, food, and healthy lifestyle habits.

We also provide complimentary follow-up support for five years after the conclusion of your program. As part of our five-year follow-up program, our team will call and email you regularly to make sure you're doing well.

Free Breast Treatment Plan

Interested in a FREE Breast treatment plan and e-book? Request one now!

Compassion and Advanced Treatments Create 5-Star Results

I came for early breast cancer treatment all the way from Egypt. I was scared and didn't know what to expect but overall my experience turned out to be amazing. From day 1 the doctors and staff were so attentive, organized and above all compassionate... It was a blessing they took care of everything : healthy organic food, daily treatments and infusions, and even your daily supplements... overall a great place that really heals body mind and soul. I highly recommend . Nesrine Khaled

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For All-Inclusive Therapy Request a Consultation

At our Tijuana cancer treatment center, we do the complex work of coordinating care for you. The following items are included in the overall cost of your treatment:

  • Hospital costs
  • Surgery costs
  • Surgeon fees
  • Transportation
  • Hospital stay
  • Accommodations for companions
  • Meals
  • Spiritual and emotional support
  • Doctor consultations
  • Labs
  • Breast imaging
  • Five-year follow-up

 We accept most insurance providers. To request a consultation and begin the treatment process, give our Tijuana, Mexico, office a call:

(619) 690-8450

Our Tijuana Practice Located 25 Minutes From the San Diego Airport

Paseo Playas de Tijuana 19, Playas, Terraza,
Tijuana, BC 22504

We Care About Our Patients and Want You To Know There Is Hope

"When I was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in 2017 I was given a list of horrible treatment options and a 12 month life expectancy. Oasis gave me options that worked with my lifestyle and with treating my cancer. But, more importantly, they gave me hope." Phoebe Davis

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Oasis Breast Cancer Center staff

Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center

Drs. Francisco Contreras, Paulina Larraga, and Daniela Cosio offer advanced therapies that promote a person's whole body health while slowing or reversing the spread of cancer. To help you defeat cancer, our certified oncologists:

  • Design personalized treatment plans that are proven to work against your specific type of cancer
  • Offer alternative medical therapies based on your medical history and personal preferences
  • Provide an uplifting, comfortable atmosphere where you can feel at ease

Our hope is that you leave our hospital healthy and cancer-free. To learn more about the Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center and what we do, contact us online or call us at (619) 690-8450.

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