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Medical Tourism

The financial burden of breast cancer can make the disease seem even more unbearable. 

With medical tourism, you can receive high-quality treatment at a much more affordable rate than in the United States. 

Find out why thousands of women from over 60 countries have come to Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center in Tijuana, Mexico, for treatment. 

25 Minutes From San Diego


We are located in Tijuana, Mexico, just a short drive over the border from San Diego. Our team will arrange your transportation and accommodations. This starts with sending a bilingual driver to pick you up at San Diego International Airport, and using our medical licensing to bypass border traffic. 

Why Choose Medical Tourism At Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico?

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Our treatment in Tijuana, Mexico, costs 60-75% less than comparable healthcare in the United States. The extraordinary value of medical care here explains why the medical tourism industry in Mexico has been growing exponentially for nearly two decades. For many patients, the analysis is simple. Why pay more in America for the same quality of care they could get for cheaper in Mexico?

Dr. Paulina and nurses outside Oasis of Hope Hospital entrance

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our high-end medical facilities follow the same safety and sanitation standards as American hospitals. One of the biggest advantages of care at our Tijuana facility is that all of your healthcare can be performed on one campus, instead of having to shuttle between various locations as you might in the United States. The ability to receive all of your imaging, labs, and treatment under one roof makes the entire process more calming and comfortable than healthcare elsewhere. 

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Serene Environment

We pride ourselves on making our campus feel like a beautiful, nurturing environment for healing. Positivity and support are key to your cancer recovery. Our foreign patients are invited to bring a companion, and our accommodations feel more like a destination hotel than a clinic. Our dining hall, chapel, and garden allow you to relax and socialize instead of being alone. 

Dr. Paulina with patient

Personalized Treatments

We personalize each and every treatment for the individual. At our Tijuana, Mexico, facility you will receive care based on your exact type and histological stage of cancer, as well as preferences and medical history. We combine traditional cancer treatment methods and alternative therapies with emotional and spiritual support to treat the health of the whole person.  

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Years-Long Commitment

Our follow-up department staff will proactively stay in contact with you for five years after your time with us. They are very knowledgeable regarding any side effects that may naturally occur following breast cancer treatment, and will offer health care advice on how to treat them. There are multiple other health care services our team will provide during the follow-up period. Our staff will explain any new treatments offered, clarify the use of medication and supplements, and schedule all necessary phone consultations with your doctor. 

Safe, Affordable Care


Thanks to the exchange rate in Mexico, treatment costs at our Tijuana clinic are 60 to 75% lower than in the United States. 

Make the Medical Tourism Choice In Beautiful Tijuana, Mexico

High-priced medical bills are the last thing a breast cancer patient should have to worry about. To keep their focus on treatment and healing, many women choose tourism for affordable, high-quality care. Our experienced Tijuana, Mexico, team includes board-certified surgeons and oncologists who will personalize your treatment, tailoring medical care to your needs.

We also offer alternative medical therapies that can help to slow or reverse the spread of breast cancer. At our clinic we prioritize your entire physical and psychological well-being, and it is this approach that makes so many women happy they choose tourism for their breast cancer care. 

To learn more about medical tourism, write to us or request your consultation by phone today. 

(619) 690-8412

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Compassionate cancer care for women by women has made our Tijuana, Mexico, clinic a destination for thousands.

Women Made Happy in Tijuana, Mexico Medical Tourism Testimonials


Nesrine Khaled


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I came for early breast cancer treatment all the way from Egypt. I was scared and didn't know what to expect but overall my experience turned out to be amazing. From day 1 the doctors and staff were so attentive, organized and above all compassionate...

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Susana Romero


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Great doctors and staff, learned so much about how to beat cancer. The food is delicious loved meeting people from all parts of the world and hearing their amazing testimonies.

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Medical Tourism Is Safe and Soothing

One misplaced worry some people have about medical tourism is a fear of danger. Our medical facility is gated and safeguarded by two checkpoints and 24/7 security. 

Receive All-Inclusive Health Care When You Choose Tourism at Oasis of Hope

When you make the medical tourism choice at our Tijuana, Mexico, facility you receive far more than standard medical treatments. Your transportation, hospital stay, accommodations for loved ones, meals, alternative therapies, surgeon fees, emotional support, and more are all included in the price you pay. 

Your payment also includes home and follow-up medical treatment. This includes three months of nutraceuticals, and a return visit for another cycle of treatment. After this period, you will continue to receive regularly scheduled phone consultations for five years. Additionally, your payment provides for a free annual onsite medical consult that includes a day of room and meals along with a free roundtrip shuttle. 


How We Determine the Right Course of Care

Our team is highly-experienced and will evaluate the exact type and histological stage of your breast cancer. Our in-person evaluation, along with your medical records and history, will allow us to plan your treatment. We will always listen to your preferences for treatment and work to partner with you in your healthcare plan.

These are the two ways we determine the best course of action:

Research-Based Options

We create treatment plans based on proven and successful experiences with women who had the same breast cancer you have. This comparison with previous successful treatments includes your type of cancer, as well as its current stage, condition, and which parts of your body the cancer has spread to. Depending on all these factors, your treatment could include conventional, alternative, integrative, and holistic therapies. 

Laboratory Tests and Imaging

Our Tijuana, Mexico, center uses blood tests, tumor markers, and various imaging tests as part of our breast cancer evaluations. In addition to helping confirm your diagnosis, these tests allow us to decide if any of our multitude of treatments may not be right for you. Our tests also give us insight into how your body has responded to various types of therapies in the past. 

Rave Reviews for Medical Tourism In Tijuana, Mexico

"I have been an Oasis patient for four years now. The staff feels like family (and I am treated like family) and I never dread going (I actually look FORWARD to going!). If it weren't for Oasis I don't think I would be alive right now. The food is delish, the rooms are clean and the comradry with the other patients is wonderful. I am not a wealthy person (by American standards) and I have to pinch every penny to pay for my Oasis treatment--that in itself speaks volumes for Oasis--I would not be making such financial sacrifices for a "dud" hospital or a scam. If we received the treatment in the States that we receive at Oasis the cost in the States would be quadruple. I could go on and on about my high opinion of yes, a five star review from me !!" Sharon Smith, 5-Star Reviews
Oasis Breast Cancer Center staff

Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center

Drs. Francisco Contreras, Paulina Larraga, and Daniela Cosio offer advanced therapies that promote a person's whole body health while slowing or reversing the spread of cancer. To help you defeat cancer, our certified oncologists:

  • Design personalized treatment plans that are proven to work against your specific type of cancer
  • Offer alternative medical therapies based on your medical history and personal preferences
  • Provide an uplifting, comfortable atmosphere where you can feel at ease

Our hope is that you leave our hospital healthy and cancer-free. To learn more about the Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center and what we do, contact us online or call us at (619) 690-8450.

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