Oxidative Therapies 

Increasing oxidative stress is a selective anti-cancer mode of action that destroys cancer cells while protecting healthy cells and boosting the immune system. We utilize amygdalin, high-dose IV vitamin C and Vitamin K injections to create oxidative stress. This protocol is an effective alternative to IV chemotherapy. 

High-dose intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC)

High-dose intravenous Vitamin C (HDIVC) is an oxidative therapy that selectively kills cancer cells like chemotherapy, without adverse effects. HDIVC does not damage healthy cells or depress the immune system as chemotherapy does. The National Cancer Institute published that HDIVC, combined with amygdalin (laetrile), improves quality of life and diminishes adverse side effects associated with cancer. 

How it Works 
HDIVC is a prodrug for the delivery of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to tumors, which induces cytotoxicity and cell death. Tumor oxygenation unleashes HDIVC's full potential of producing hydrogen peroxide. Ozone Autohemotherapy provides the intertumoral oxygen levels needed to increase the efficacy of HDIVC. 


  • Selectively kills cancer cells without harming healthy cells. 
  • Works like a natural oxidizing chemotherapy with no negative side effects. 
  • May eradicate cancer stem cells. 
  • Increases progression-free remission and overall survival. 
  • Produces an anti-inflammatory effect by inhibiting pro-inflammatory cytokines. 
  • Improves appetite, fatigue, depression and sleep cycles in patients taking chemotherapy concurrently.
  • Has demonstrated objective results (tumor reduction) in patients who discontinued chemotherapy and opted for HDIVC. 

Intravenous Vitamin K3 (IVK3) 

Clinical studies demonstrate that intravenous Vitamin K3 (IVK3) is an effective adjuvant to cytotoxic therapies. It induces apoptosis in cancerous cells and inhibits cancer growth. 

How it works 
IVK3 inhibits the production of NF Kappa β, which diminishes inflammation and angiogenesis which cancerous cells need for growth and spread. When IVK3 is combined HDIVC, it can sensitize tumors to anticancer agents. 


  • Potentiates anticancer therapies. 
  • Induces apoptosis in cancerous cells. 
  • Suppresses NF Kappa β, which inhibits angiogenesis and inflammation. 
Oasis Breast Cancer Center staff

Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center

Drs. Paulina Larraga and Daniela Cosio offer advanced therapies that promote a person's whole body health while slowing or reversing the spread of cancer. To help you defeat cancer, our certified oncologists:

  • Design personalized treatment plans that are proven to work against your specific type of cancer
  • Offer alternative medical therapies based on your medical history and personal preferences
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