Immunotherapy is one of the most promising breakthroughs in cancer treatment. Oasis is on the cutting edge of immunotherapies utilizing state of the art whole-body hyperthermia equipment and nanotechnology in the Core Therapy, and our dendritic cell vaccine in the Enhanced Therapy. 

Dendritic Cell Vaccine (DCV)

The Oasis’ Dendritic Cell Vaccine (DCV) is an immunotherapy that encodes a patient’s dendritic cells (DC) with the tumor-specific antigen (TSA) and activates the patients T cells and NK cells. It will enhance the Core Therapy if added. 

How it works
Via a blood draw, a patient’s DCs, TSAs, T cells and NKs are harvested. We cultivate, encode and activate the various cells in our immunology lab via our proprietary processes. The encoded DCs are injected, and the activated T cells and NK cells are infused into the patient. The DCs target the TSA and direct the T cells and NK cells to attack the tumor. The DCV is the most personalized and targeted immunotherapies available. 


  • Specifically targets the tumor and is unique for each patient. 
  • Activates the cancer-killing T cells and NK cells. 

Whole-Body Hyperthermia 

Cancer cells do not endure high body core temperatures as well as healthy cells do. Oasis’ unique whole-body hyperthermia protocol is the most advanced in Mexico. It has tremendous anticancer effects and potentiates HDIVC. Oasis has an incredible center equipped with seven state of the art cocoons. The cocoons surround the whole body and quickly raises the core body temperature to 104° while cooling the head and delivering oxygen and aroma therapy. 

How it Works 
The cocoons use convection heat, infrared light and hot stones to evenly heat the core body temperature for a 45-minute session while cooling the head to maintain comfort. Clinical studies indicate that whole-body hyperthermia kills malignant cells by inducing apoptosis. Whole-body hyperthermia also potentiates HDIVC and other oxidative therapies. 


  • Induces apoptosis in cancerous cells. 
  • Selectively kills malignant cells and does not harm healthy cells. 
  • Potentiates oxidative therapies including HDIVC, chemotherapy and radiation. 

Cancer Specific Liposomal Nanoceuticals 

Cancer elicits an overactive immune response that provokes a chronic inflammation that promotes tumor progression. Several nutrients downregulate genes and proteins that promote inflammation. Others upregulate the cancer-killing response. The challenge in the use of cancer-inhibiting nutrients has been delivering the quantities needed to be effective. Oasis’ employs nanotechnology with our proprietary cancer-specific liposomal nanoceuticals. 

How it works 
Liposomes deliver nano-sized nutrients that increase plasma concentration and absorption. While other treatment centers prescribe 30—60 capsules per day, we prescribe a few teaspoons of our liposomes. 


  • Downregulates pro-inflammatory cytokines and other proteins. 
  • Bioavailability of nutrients is much higher in liposomes. 
  • Protects the gut. 
Oasis Breast Cancer Center staff

Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center

Drs. Paulina Larraga and Daniela Cosio offer advanced therapies that promote a person's whole body health while slowing or reversing the spread of cancer. To help you defeat cancer, our certified oncologists:

  • Design personalized treatment plans that are proven to work against your specific type of cancer
  • Offer alternative medical therapies based on your medical history and personal preferences
  • Provide an uplifting, comfortable atmosphere where you can feel at ease

Our hope is that you leave our hospital healthy and cancer-free. To learn more about the Oasis of Hope Breast Cancer Center and what we do, contact us online or call us at (619) 690-8450.

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